World International Martial Arts Association & Organization

25th January 2020 

presenting WIMAAO all styles sparring day, this open will be available via invite to registered WIMAAO National clubs throughout Ireland.  The sparring day will be open to all divisions including Karate, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Kung fu and other forms under request.  The event will take place at the Boundary, Northern Ireland.

WIMAAO Officials qualifications

14th March 2020 WIMAAO will be promoting and qualifying registered WIMAAO Officals.  The day will include an intensely comprehensive training schedule with detailed regulations and written manuals and guide books for ensure each official has complete support and assistance to help them perform at the highest levels.  The day will include training for Referees, Judges and Timekeepers, with 6 top tutors present and over 12 currently ranked WIMAAO Officials to aid the newly qualified officials to officiate at the open tournament later in the day.

2020 irish open

9th-12th April Promoter James Lee will hold the official 2020 WIMAAO Irish Open which will include full, semi and light contact, ring and mat competition, weapons, traditional and musical kata.  The Open will be available to all registered clubs and will be age presets for junior, cadet and senior tournament formats.  The Irish open is available for all registered disciplines and preregistration is required.

18th February 2020 José Vargas takes the position of WIMAAO Director for  Venezuela

José Vargas develops the Venezuelan Royal Combat and Training System (SCRAV BUJUTSU) which begins as a project for police training and ends up being open to Venezuelan society as a contribution to the development of society and sport focused on the imperative need for access to the self defense of the common citizen. Already for 2016 the SCRAV BUJUTSU GOSHIN RYU system is founded and is accepted by Grandmaster Guache Kim as a system recognized by the WBBL, ALCNV, being its Founder and President the Master José Vargas recognized with the highest degree for the development of this modern martial art . Finally, I currently practice the ITF Taekwondo modality, in the Dojang Kodang of Venezuela under the tutelage of the Sabonim Alayn Gomez and Bosabum Nim Leana Carrera, Among the achievements of the Vargas Master, are:

jose vargas

The creation of SCRAV BUJUTSU GOSHIN RYU, Police Instructor in Progressive and Differentiated Use of Police Force and Use of Potentially Deadly Force at the national level, Instructor of Force Use Instructors of the different State security forces including scientific police and ministerial escorts. Personal Defense Instructor of military intelligence escorts. Sports Promoter of the City Hall of Hatillo, Prof. Martial Arts.  Professor at the National Experimental University of Security (UNES) teaching UPDF-UFPM and Tactical Use of the Police Force. Polygon Assistant Chief, Court Instructor, Area Supervisor. Ballistics instructor and writing of police records. Other derivatives of the police activity that allowed the development of the system created and subsequently adapted to civil society. Currently Head of the Patrol Area Area the Hatillo of the Miranda State Police. Soke Shodai Judan 10th Dan SCRAV System Bujutsu Goshin Ryu. Sensei 3rd Dan Yakuana Caribe System. Bosabum nim waiting for leveling at 1st Dan in Taekwondo ITF.

Eyad El-Jamal

9th April 2020 Eyad Al-Jamal takes the position of WIMAAO Director for Rusaifah, Jordan


Eyad Al-Jamal has studied various forms of martial arts over a period of 25 years and through the knowledge gained he invented a new form of martial art known as Fnoon Al-Eshtebak with focus to the right way on executing on the right target to get the best accuracy.

After careful guidance including recommendatoins by National and International Governments in the face of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and in what we believe is in the best interest of our Members, Directors and Officials all WIMAAO promotions, envents, and sanctioned titles will be suspended  until further notice.


We will work directly with our members via National and Regional directors and boards continuing to provide guidance on forthcoming promotions.

4h August 2020 Marco Longo takes the position of WIMAAO Director in Italy


Start training in 1982 with my father in Judo and Jujitsu

1986/1992 Kenpo Karate and Kyokushin Karate

1996/2008 Kickboxing

2008/2010 instructor course Kudo Daidojuku

2010/2014 Italy Director Lima Lama

2014/ now Kajukenbo Kenpo/Danzan ryu Jujitsu

WWKAA Italy Director

American Jujitsu Institute Italy Director

Kodenkan Italia