World International Martial Arts Association & Organization

W.I.M.A.A.O Representative Application


If you would like to apply to act as an Official Director/Representative for WIMAAO please  complete the application below. Each Director is placed on a one year Trial period and is required to promote WIMAAO Events and Title Sanctions to remain on the Board of Directors. Applications are welcome from all countries and more than one director may represent within each National State.  In the event that a Country president is assigned all national directors are required to go directly to them in regards to all WIMAAO business.


Representatives are required to oversee all operations within their country relating to procedures set out by the WIMAAO Governing Body.  This will include overseeing all competitive sanctioned bouts and events held by WIMAAO, ensuring all safety regulations and competition rules are adhered to.


Affiliate Associations/Organizations are welcome to act as a WIMAAO Director, meeting the terms and conditions applied by WIMAAO and must hold fully paid Directorship within the Organisation