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WIMAAO Title Belts & Sanctioning

WIMAAO Sanctioning is available to all members within the Organization. A WIMAAO event must be applied for through the National President or Director including details of the event: Martial Art Style, Title class, date and venue. All officially sanctioned Titles and Events can be checked direcrtly through WIMAAO Head Quarters



Title Bout Decision despute and full investigation for review of a challenge to a currrent WIMAAO Champion.  Desputes will be handled only by independant Board members outside of country where the title bout was held.  All evidence will be gathered by WIMAAO HQ and forwarded to the decision making team who make a final and complete decision on the outcome of the bout.



WIMAAO Title Belts & Sanctioning Fees




Regional Class Sanction

National Class Sanction

All International Class Sanctions

All WIMAAO regional, national, international open tournaments and Title sanctions will be officially recognised by the WIMAAO National Board of Directors which  will include competition rules and regulations, risk assessment forms and score cards for each promotion, officially qualified representatives and Medical Crews.  


Promoters should contact their country President or National Director for further details, or contact us directly in the event there is no current WIMAAO representative in your country.


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Sanctioning Fees