World International Martial Arts Association & Organization

12th February a WIMAAO show including an Irish Title, 5 nations Title, and European Title.  This show will be held in the Torrent Complex in Donaghmore, named "Fist of Fury"


Joshua Ferry  Vs Martin Kenny  Bantam Weight          European title          

Stewart Ferry  Vs  Dean Considine  Fly Weight            Five Nations title      

Charlene Creaney Vs Yana  Aloronivch Fly Weight     Irish Title  

John-Henry Ferry Vs Ross Tumilty  Junior                    Irish Title


12th February Director Martin Walker will be holding WIMAAO National C class MMA Title at Middle  Weight Barry McGuigan vs Mark Hastie


5th February 2011 - Sonny Browne retained his European Title against Gary Roberts in a thrilling 5 round Championship bout.



John Ferry Junior Irish Champion pic1

New Irish WIMAAO Heavy Weight Champion

   Phelim Halligan

Left- Charlene Creaney Irish Fly wiehgt WIMAAO Champ

Right - Stewart Ferry WIMAAO Fly Weight 5 Nations Champ

John Ferry New Light contact Junior WIMAAO Champion

Welter Weight World Amateur Title title Barry McGuire vs Wilson Snoddy - Wilson Snoddy became the new World Champion by Unanimous points decision


Middle Weight World Amateur Title Michael Sweeney vs Thomas McNeill - Michael Sweeney became the new World Champion by Unanimous points decision.


Light Weight European Amateur Title Shawn Montgomery vs Chris McKeag - Shawn Montgomery won the Title with a 2nd round TKO stoppage.


Middle Weight European Amateur Title Anto Healey Vs Stevie McIvoy - Anto Healey became the new European Champion after Stevie McIvoy was unable to come out for the 2nd round.


5 Nations Heavy Weight Title Phelim Halligan vs Bill Little - Phelim Halligan became the new 5 Nations champion on a unamimous points decision.


Jnr Middle Weight Irish Title Pat Murphy vs Rory Stewart - Rory Stewart bacame the New Irish Champion with a split decision win.


Super Heavy Weight Irish Title Gary Walsh vs Jason Fox - Gary Walsh won the Title 3rd round KO


Super Heavy Weight Ulster Title Jamie Martin vs Karl Brooks - Jamie Martin won the Ulster title after a second round resignation by Karl Brooks corner.



New Breed III

29th May 2011 WIMAAO Ireland Director Ken Molloy will be holding the all Ireland Junior kickboxing championships in the Ringside boxing club, Dublin.  Weigh inns and registration 11am.  Also on the bill will see the return of the WIMAAO NI Juniors vs the IKF SI Juniors and 2 WIMAAO JNR Title bouts.


Title Result: Callum Powell successfully defended his Junior -33kg Title against Jamie McMahon.  Jenny Molloy became the female all Ireland Junior champion by Walk Out Win

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2nd July 2011 All Ireland Junior open championships.  Venue: Cohannon Inn, Dungannon.  This event is an all Ireland Junior open event for juniors age 4 plus, up to age minus 18


24th September will see the All Ireland WIMAAO Open K11 Championship.  This open tournament is open to Juniors, Cadets and Adult.  This Tatami event will show the best of the best in Ireland with trophies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each weight category and certificates issued to the remaining competitors.  Weigh Inns and Registration will be from 10am competition will begin 12.30pm.

WIMAAO K11 Irish Open

8th October 2011 WIMAAO Irish Amateur Full contact Kickboxing Light Weight Title was held in The Oakwood Arms, Shannon, Ireland.  Leonao Shea won the Irish Title by points decision.


12th November 2011 Antrim British Legion Club will hold a show by N.Ireand Director Marty Walker.  The show will include 2 WIMAAO Titles Northern Ireland Bantam Weight MMA Title Alan Philpot Vs Barry McGuigan Irish MMA Middle Weight Title Conor cooke Vs Henry Fedpie.




Conor Cooke won The Irish WIMAAO MMA Title by fist round KO victory

Aan Philpot defeated Barry McGuigan victory via arm bar.


26th November.  WIMAAO will be holding a charity event in Omagh with top class fighters taking part on the show such as current european, 5 nations and Irish champions.  A WIMAAO Junior Charity  title will also be held on the bill.


10th December WIMAAO World Pro full Contact Title bout in the Heavy Weight division. between Alberto Giminez and Estevan Cruz

wimaao iran

Director Mr hamid Sedighmohammadi and  Gholamreza Yagobi  Asian champion,

Promoting WIMAAO in Iran.


25th December 2011 Iran Director Hamid Sedighmohammadi will be promoting a WIMAAO International Kickboxing event held in Ardabil City, Iran.

iran wimaao

1st National championship kickboxing wimaao Open Tournament held in Iran -ardabil city December.9.2011 under control by Iran Director Mr Hamid Sedighmohammadi  

International WIMAAO Promotion under control from Director Hamid Sedighmohammadi brought countries together to compete in tournament, final results placed

1st  Azarbaijan

2nd Iran

3rd iraq




title1 title2 title3