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WIMAAO News 2014

4th October 2014 WIMAAO ROI President will be promoting Pro -48 kg Pro Full Contact World Kickboxing Title, Irealnd vs Katty (Pacwoman) Diaz, Spain. The show will be held at ABFRC, Kilmore Road, Artane, Dublin 5



WIMAAO Pro -48kg World  Kickboxing Title

"The One"  Vs Katty "Pacwoman" Diaz

(Winner Points decision


WIMAAO 5 Nations Title:

Stephen MacAfee Vs Anand Apartjipthan (winner Stephen MacAfee TKO)


WIMAAO Irish Title: -86kgs

Richie Kiely Vs Neil Ryan (winner Richie Kiely) Points decision


WIMAAO Legends Title:

Dave Cowley, 50yrs 95.6kgs Vs Stewart Beattie 58yrs 89kgs (winner Dave Cowley) Points Decision


WIMAAO Irish Title: -65kgs

Alice Power Vs Orla O'Brien (winner Alice Power by K/O)


Prestige Bout: -60kgs

Lindsey Doyle Vs Stacey Dougherty (Draw)

WIMAAO World Championships will be held in Nigeria under representation by The WIMAAO Nigerian Director.  The world championships will include Kungfu, Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing full contact and low kick, karate, MMA, Muay Thai, Wushu weapons forms and all Kata's.  The venue, will be Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Africa. July 31st to August 3rd.  We look forward to meeting all members at the 2014 Martial World Games.


WIMAAO World Games is an open tournament and we welcome all Organizaitons, federations and Associations to be part of and participate in the games.

29th Oct to 2nd Nov.  With negotiations from Italy Director Yaakoub Hassan and the WTKA WIMAAO will participate in the Unified World Championships 2014 in Tuscany, Italy.  WIMAAO members will gain the opportunity to compete against martial artists from organisations such as WKA, WTKA, ICO, WCSA, IAKSA, UFR and WASCO.  Categories will include Kickboxing, karate, kung fu, Taekwondo, MMA, Grappling, Muay Thai, K1, Kata's, Forms will include semi contact, light contact and full contact.


26th April 2014 WIMAAO S.African President GM Henri Eksteen will promote WIMAAO Cage Rage 6 seeing Tyron Rodrigues attempt to win the S.Africa Title for the third time.  The best South African MMA warriors will step into the cage in this title elimator with the last man standing proving themselves to be WIMAAO Champion.

UnifiedWorldChampionships_ barbara delaney


WIMAAO italy

23rd July 2014 WIMAAO Italy Director Yaakoubd Hassan promotes Ring On The Beach.  Bouts will include National National K1 Title WIMAAO vs FIMF, European Title WIMAAO Vs WKF, two international K1 titles.


WIMAAO European Titan Weight Title:

Damiano Gallerini Vs Umberto Castagna


CAGE RAGE 6 Results: Three times South Africa WIMAAO MMA Pro/Am Champion Tyron Rodriques wins again at Cage Rage 6.  Tyron Rodriques proves a force to be rekoned with with three consecutive wins of the National Title and earns Hall Of Fame WIMAAO Recognition as a true MMA champion.  Above picture WIMAAO South Africa

President GM Henri Eksteen Handing over ownership of the WIMAAO Title belt to Tyron Rodrigues,

28th June 2014 WIMAAO NI will promote a WIMAAO Sanctioned event held in the Cohannon Inn, Dungannon, Northern Ireland.  The bill will be a ranking tournament for entries into the Unified World Championships. WIMAAO world light welter wieght title holder will concede his amateur title to challenge for the Pro Am world title against Stevie McIvoy.

tyron2 tyron1

2nd November Linday Doyle vs Elisa Qualizza WKA/WIMAAO combined World Pro Title fight will take place in Tuscany, Italy.  This Pro Title will see the winner recognised by both WIMAAO and WKA as the -60kg Pro World Champion and take home the two organisation world belts.


Wins the WIMAAO Light Welter weight ProAm World Title.  An amazing 8 round battle between and Stevie McVoy showed fight fans true talent in the ring, these fighters trained have the opportunity to hold the WIMAAO World trophy as world champion and showed outstanding talent in a closely matched bout.  won the title in a points decision.

26th July 2014 South Africa WIMAAO President Henri Eksteen will promote the next stage in the Cage Rage series.  Cage Rage 7 is set to be the biggest MMA event in South Africa.



Tyron Rodrigues proves himself to be the leading MMA champion in the Jnr heavyweight division winning on a four consecutive victory the WIMAAO South Africa MMA title.

cagerage7 wimaaoitaly2 wimaaoitaly1 wimaaoitaly3

WIMAAO National K1 Title ( Light Heavy) : tudor turcan (team hamid) vs bruno cerasi (team yaakoubd) win tudor turcan  andWIMAAO European Titlek1 roul( Titan)  damiano gallerini (team yaakoubd)Vs umberto castagna (team lucci),win umberto castagna  ,k1 national junior title : luca luncasu ( team yaakoubd)vs sing(team hafid) win luca luncasu

6th December 2014  WIMAAO South Africa President Henri Eksteen promotes Cage Rage 8, Polokwane, South Africa.

tyron cage rage 8 DSCF1524 DSCF1529 DSCF1535 DSCF1545 DSCF1544 WIMAAO egypt

WIMAAO Egypt Director Abdel rahman Rostem Belal Hassane will promote the Naitonal Egypt Championships 28th to 30th December 2014.

cagerage8 egypt3

King Of The Ring Result:

Tariq Adel Luxury Weight 57kg

Sharif Abdel Moneim weight 63.5kg

Khalid Ali Bakri weight 54kg