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WIMAAO 2015 Events

25th April 2015 WIMAAO South Africa President Henri Eksteen will promote "All Out War" Part 1 "Take no Prisoners" The WIMAAO SA Last man standing event will prove another successful promotion for MMA under President Eksteens control.


Cassie Bezuidenhoud wins the South Africa Last Man Standing event and becomes the new WIMAAO SA Champion.

jujitsuposter egypt4

23rd January 2015 WIMAAO Egypt Director Abdelrahman Rostem Belal Hassane will Promote King of the Ring Championship 2 held in Mubarak Alexandria showing the best fighters in Egypt compete to become champion in K1 and MMA.

11th April Fight Jitsu will promote the first National WIMAAO Northern Ireland JuJitsu championships.



Fly Weight Male: James Foster

Fly Weight Female: Angela Brookes

Bantam Weight Male: Johnathan Stark

Bantam Weight Female: Sheila Parker

Feather Weight Male: Ian Prendergast

Feather Weight Female: Jeanine Taylor

Light Weight Male: Liam Wakelin

Welter Weight Male: James Parkin

Middle Wight Male: Gabriel Dickson

Light Heavywieght Male: James Baird

Heavy Weight Male: Christopher Parsons





15th February: Damiano Gallerini vs Chiavari - Roma - K1 Heavyweight National Title

wimaaoegypt1 wimaaoegypt2 efb

17th February 2015 WIMAAO combine with European Bokator Federation to work together to promote Bokotor and Kun Khmer in WIMAAO events and sanctions.  In agreement with EFB President Duong-tevi Sebire and WIMAAO world President Nigel McClure the international Director Karl Egington will control operations for all ebf promotions through WIMAAO.


15th February 2015 was held the gala professional k1  main bout for Italian title WIMAAO (5 rounds for 3 full roul) daniele Chiavaro (pike team) vs damiano Gallerini, damiano Gallerini to win 3 rounds with a technical knockout


March 8, 2015 Unified Italian Championships - Velletri Roma -


Martial Arts Organizations join in competition to promote all forms in this National Championships.  Our  best wishes go to both WIMAAO Italy President and Directors for success in these championships.

WIMAAO King Of The Ring 3 Egypt Kickboxing WIMAAO South Africa Cage Rage 9 MMA

20th-21st April 2015 WIMAAO Egypt Director Abdelrahman Rostem blele will promote  kings of Egypt Paddock 3 title WIMAAO Competitive Categories include:



King Of the Ring 3 will be held in the city of Fayoum.

WIMAAO 2015 Nigeria games


With confirmation and recognition from the governing body, The World International Martial Arts Association and Organization (WIMAAO), it is hereby recognized that WIMAAO Nigeria Director (Africa Delegation) FIGM. ITIGBRI OGAGAOGHENE JESSE, CEO of CASTLE MARTIAL ARTS CLUB LTD, and AMB. PRINCE G.A. OMADEVUAE, CEO of GAMADEV NIG, LTD, will promote under guidelines set out by WIMAAO the official WIMAAO 2015 NATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL to be held at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria-Africa, with the inclusive dates of 1st November to 8th November, 2015. This event shall be facilitated by the services of the sole financier/Facilitator, in name of Gamadev Nig. Ltd, who will see to all aspects of achieving a successful event.


WUSHU KUNG FU, KARATE, TAEKWONDO KICK BOXING, JUDO, (Wushu Routines, All Taolu, Kata, Poomsae and other forms), and Any other System that may request to be included. Full Contact, Light Contact, Semi Contact; and All weight divisions, Adults and juniors.


15th-16th August 2015 WIMAAO Chile Director Camilo Antonio Hernandez Moraga promotes the CIAM International Martial Arts Championships


The competitive categories, Traditional point sparring.

Traditional Combat Team, Light contact, Point Fighting.Sanda. Empty-handed forms, Weapon forms,

Musical Fomrs. Self defense, Forms Team. Kick-Boxing, MMA and Muay Thay

cage rage 9 rick alchin WIMAAO MMA WIMAAO Australia MMA Champion Rick Alchin

WIMAAO Australia Director Tim Drury promotes MMA WIMAAO National Title  

Sat 23 May 77kg MMA title fight Rick Alchin vs Yogi Dahiya.


Rick Alchin Wins the Australia WIMAAO MMA Welter Weght Title 18 Secends of the first round via Punch KO.


Yogi Dahiya will now be placed on a 90 day medical suspension requiring medical clearance prior to his next bout


ADCC Open Cup of ARMENIA, 24th & 25th July in Yerevan-ARMENIA.  The event will be organised by ADCC President Behnamen Azampanah.


26th September 2015 WIMAAO Gala will be open to all styles of martial arts.  The Gala will be held in Wexford, Ireland and will include a junior and adult sparring, Martial Arts all styes demonstrations and an official Referee and Judging training courses.  The Referee course will be taken by WIMAAO UK President Jimmy Byrne who will also be holding a seminar for coaching qualifications recognised throughout europe to both BTech and NVQ levels.  We welcome everyone to this Gala and it is open to all martial artists and  federations.

000IrelandGala cage rage 10

22nd August 2015 WIMAAO Cage Rage 10 will be promoted by South Africa President Henri Eksteen.  This massively recognised elimination cage tournament continues to grow from strength to strength showing the greatest MMA talents within South Africa.  Current Champion Cassie Bezuidenhoud will attempt to retain his National Title with a Prize purse of R20000 going to the winner of this B Class MMA tournament.

egypt5 egypt6

King of the Ring 4 Championship title in Egypt from 31 \ 7 \ 2015  For the first time in Egypt offer professional wrestling Entering professional wrestling with the martial arts of the Organization of King of the Ring in Egypt to offer the best deals to the public In mma-k1


The WIMAAO leagues are the strongest in Egypt.  Attending will be the International wrestler Captain Ashraf Kabonja, Mr. Abdul Rahman Rustam head of the King of the Ring and the President of Egypt WIMAAO,  Akabtn and Ahmed Abdel Zaher vice president of the kings of the ring Captain Mohammed Fadhil, secretary general of the kings of the ring


28th July 2015 WIMAAO officially announce the Organisations plans to increase and welcome new members in the promotion of Women in martial arts.  Barbara Delaney a 6 time World Kickboxing Champion will act as the advocate for the division, aiming to grow recognition and opportunities for Women in contact sports.  WIMAAO know of the talent especially in Kickboxing with female competitors and we welcome promoters and clubs to join us in promoting within the Womens Division.

wimaao portugal WIMAAO portugal2

4th August 2015 WIMAAO Director Ricardo Mata opens WIMAAO Portugal.  Director Ricardo Mata takes full control of all WIMAAO national operations, title sanctions and ranking divisions.  For details and membership contact [email protected]

kingofthering1 kingofthering5 kingofthering2 portugal5

November 2016 Aristote Quitusisa will compete for the K1 super bout in Angola.  WIMAAO Portugal Director Ricardo Mata will negotiate a return WIMAAO Super Title in Portugal.

Umar Masood takes championship status as the King of The Ring WIMAAO winner in this globally recognised K1 Tournament held in Egypt under control from WIMAAO Director Abdul Rahman Rostem

King of the Rink kingoftherink european

15th November WIMAAO Wexford Director Mark Enstone will promote a championship Kickboxing event in the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy, Ireland.  The promotion will include a WIMAAO european Kickboxing title Jade Gillen from DKC.  Other national and regional titles will be held on the show.  The event will be sponsored by Sajid Ali a highly recognised martial artist and chief insturctor of Freestyle Martial Arts in Buckinghamshire.


Results: Junior Irish title -26kgs

Cody O'Connor (Ennisccorthy Dragons) v's Mason Moran (Raging Bulls) Winner Mason Moran points

Junior Irish title -35kgs

Kyle Enstone (Enniscorthy Dragons) v's Kian Moran (Raging Bulls) Winner Kian Moran points

Leinster Title -80kgs

Fionn Ennis (Enniscorthy Dragons) v's John Quilligan (Raging Bulls) Fionn Ennis presented Title WoW

Leinster Title -63kgs

Liam Murphy (Enniscorthy Dragons) v's Raphael Dafala (Raging Bulls)

Winner Liam Murphy points


Former WIMAAO Director William Ferry, chief instructor of Hebron Kickboxing, Dungannon, expelled for heinous actions.  Mr Ferry was offered the opportunity to defend his actions in front of a board of directors but declined.  9 National board members unanimously voted to remove him from the organisation.

All local MMA fans were hugely entertained when Cage Rage 10 was held last weekend in the city at the St Marco Hall and kept a very well attended audience glued to their seats witnessing an action packed event filled with professional and amateur fighting bouts. In attendance included Mr Junior Ramusi Senior manager of Sports and Recreation and various delegates from Dept, sports arts and culture aswell as many top local business persons.The event was hosted by St Marco hall in association with The Wild West Warriors and The World International Martial Arts Association and Organization - South Africa Federation. The organizers would also like to thank the sponsors for the cash prizes being Progress Milling, Bhamjee Sports, Discovery Health and BB Auto. In the main event being the last man standing ultimate challenge, 8 warriors from around the country competed for the R20000 cash prize and the SA WIMAAO championship belt saw Rudi Roets from the Guts and Glory fighting camp eventually stand tall as the ultimate last man standing. Cage Rage 11 is scheduled to take place towards end of the year where now the current last man standing champion, Rudi Roets will have to defend his National title.


The picture is Rudi Roets being crowned The Last man standing by SA WIMAAO President Henri Eksteen with one of the sponsors, Mr Imraan Bhamjee from Bhamjees's Sports and Mr Junior Ramusi senior manager of Dept Sports and Culture with MC Will Jordan in the background. Roets was rewarded a handsome cheque for R20000 for being the Last Man Standing in Cage Rage 10

cagerage10 rudi sajidalisponsor WIMAAOwomensdivision

WIMAAO Womens advocate Barbara "The One" Delaney, Seven Times World Champion interviews ISKA Ireland President Owen Doyle on the past and present of female kickboxing.

Saturday 26th was the date of the WIMAAO Martial Arts gala, hosted by Enniscorthy Dragons Kickboxing Gym, Wexford. The day itself seen a score of new officials certified after an intensive course by international referee Mr Jimmy Byrne and WIMAAO Master referee colm Brennan.


Following the course and the presentation of the certificates, speeches were given by the lady's division rep Barbara Delaney and WIMAAO founder, Nigel McClure about the future aims the WIMAAO is striving for and how it is launching a new initiative toward promoting women in martial arts.


Finally the day ended with the new officials practicing their new skills over the watchful eyes of Jimmy and Colm while the spars took place; and after with a display of demonstrations of different martial arts .

The next event up for the WIMAAO will be back in Wexford at mark Enstone's Enniscorthy Dragons Kickboxing Show at the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy, on November 15th. The show will feature Irish and Leinster tile fights, to be announced soon and a lady's division European full contact title between Fight Club's Jennifer 'Baby Wild Thing' Molloy V's Jade Gillin from Dungannon Kickboxing

National Brazil gradings held under the WIMAAO Esteemed member Carlos de Oliveira Souza President of the Associação Esportiva Condor

brasilgrading king1

King Of The Ring 6 the leading k1/Kickboxing and MMA WIMAAO open tournament held in Egypt will take place 13th November this continuing successful tournament held by WIMAAO Egypt Director Abdel Rostum Belal will bring the best of the best to the ring throughout Egypt to crown a winner in this elimination tournament.


31st October 2015 WIMAAO member Carlos de Oliveira Souza President of Associação Esportiva Condor will be holding an MMA seminar taken by world recognised Derley Silva

KING OF THE CAGE 1 paul mata

7th November 2015 King of The Cage 1.  SA WIMAAO President Henri Eksteen begins a new era in MMA taking over from his former events Cage Rage.  The eliminator event will donate 10% of its profits to CANSA Polokwane a charitable organisation supporting people with cancer.


Result: Paul Kubannek wins the South Africa King of the Cage WIMAAO champoinship.  The lightest man in the contest shows the dedication to stand as the elite competitor and wins the SA WIMAAO Title.

7th November 2015 Ricardo Mata WIMAAO Portugal Director sees his son compete top of the bill at SHOWFIGHT XXIX

southafricachampion kingring6

Abdullah Mando vs Ahmad Farid, Ahmad Farid won the title of King of the Ring and wimaao and Muhammad Rashad Ali African Mina professional and won the title of King of the Ring and wimaao also won the title of hero to Islam Abdul Nabi and Karim Abu Zaid and Joseph Tabi fighter won the title of King of the Ring mma and  preparing heroes in competition in the tournament International in next month  Mr. Abdul Rahman Rustam also honored the program submitted all the stadiums media Haitham weight Mazia on the channel Egyptian Government

WIMAAOwomensdivision kingofthering7

18th & 19th December 2015 WIMAAO Egypt promote King of the Ring International championship under Director Abdel Rostem Belal


King of The Rings Conclusion Results

Egyptian Tariq Ali vs Fathi Indonesian fighter Issa Islamist technical knockout in the third round


Former WIMAAO Director William Ferry, Hebron Kickboxing, Dungannon, removed from the WIMAAO Board .  Mr Ferry was offered the opportunity to defend his actions in front of a board of directors but declined.  9 National board members unanimously voted to remove him from the organisation.