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10th January 2017 WIMAAO Ireland Head Office, current board of directors, dispands. In a conflict of actions taken after the removal of a director the Ireland board of directors with a change of opinion from the original option against this director decided to go against this decision and opted to accept the invite, against the ruling of WIMAAO administration to attend the former directors event and the complaints issued to WIMAAO head office by those who are now attending this event.  As a result WIMAAO has now moved forward and is currently situated in the offices at WIMAAO administration.  WIMAAO act strictly as a non profit making organisation and welcome martial artist world wide to join the new board of directors and recieve many benefits including free and reduced sanctioning for both titles and open tournaments.  To apply for a position simply complete our online form under "WIMAAO Application"


The former WIMAAO Ireland board based in Dublin have been notified that they are required to dispand the current board, reelections will be held and a new board elected for the benefit of the Organisation and all its members.  


Brazil promotion by highly respected Carlos Oliviera Souza

England championships

11th March 2017 WIMAAO National and Regional K1 and Kickboxing titles will take place under John Toley.  Titles will include featherweight female, Middleweight Mens K1 and Kickboxing and Lightweight Mens WIMAAO sanctioned title bouts.  The promotion will include a WIMAAO national ranking tournament under Kickboxing Real League.

May 2016 WIMAAO S.Africa President Henri Eksteen promotes the next WIMAAO MMA Cage Rage 11 promoted in Polokwane S.Africa

28th October 2017 S.Africa President Henri Eksteen promotes Tini Eksteen Memorial MMA promotion, this is a charity promotion.

marvin sotelo (2) enrico will

05th June 2017 Marvin Sotelo takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over WIMAAO operations for Los Angeles, California, USA.


Marvin "Knife" Sotelo better known as Knifer, is a minister and campaigner against the US drug policy as well as a musician and the author of "Satanic Combat Sciences" His resume cites experience as a dietary aide, musician and mixed martial artist. He is an avid practitioner of Jeet Kune Do, political scientist, and a gospel rapper in his civilian identity.

24th May 2017 Enrico Will takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over WIMAAO operations for Dundalk, Ireland.


Enrico is the founder of the Grassiva Self Defense System and the GRASSIVA. Enrico Studied various Self Defense, C&C and Martial Arts System, like Judo, Urban Combat Hapkido, Dim Mak & Krav Maga and is a former Military Operator. He is also a BTEC 3 Advanced Self Defence Instructor as well as the Grassiva SDO Director of Ireland.



kaicho mohammad azam

20th June 2017 Mohammad Azam takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over WIMAAO operations in Kolkata, West Bengal.

alex tena

21st July 2017 Alejandro Tena Sebastian takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over WIMAAO operations in Madrid, Spain


Alejandro is a Kickboxing coach, mMuay Thai coach, MMA teacher, black belt 2nd dan and police defense trainer and several more related to self defense. I am a competitor and have won several times the Spanish championship and I have participated in international championships always taking my medal.

Gernot Reichel

4th August 2017 Master Gernot Reichel takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, Holding control over WIMAAO opertions in Munchen, Germany.


Master Gernot Reichel has built his martial arts over 40 years studying styles such as Judo, Ju Jutsu, Shorin Ryu Karate, Teakwondo and Kick Boxing, Hapkido.


Some years ago I found the Gongkwon Yusul. It offers a combination of punching, kicking, throws and facinating techniques for take downs and controls. On my holiday trips to Thailand I joined the Muay Thai courses and found the Muay Thai Boran with interesting techniques.


This was my way of martial arts. I remained on my basic kick boxing and added the self defense from to other styles. The result is the combat kickboxing.

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