World International Martial Arts Association & Organization

24th December 2017 Master Joel Matter takes the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over WIMAAO operations for Bahrain.


Martial Arts Biography

Taekwondo 7th Dan, Kickboxing 6th Dan,  Sikadsu Karate 4th Dan,  Arnis Lakan 4, Grappling 1st Dan,  

Certified Coaching Authorization

Muay Thai & Boxing ( PMTF ) Self defense ( JMSFC )





IMA Asia branch chief 2006 - 2008, ITI Philippine branch chief 2008 - 2010, Elite Taekwondo Organization of the Philippines 2009 - 2012 President  4 Years National SB Taekwondo National Coach 2 Years MMA-FFC Coach

4 Years Special Forces Trainor  8 Times Fullcontact National Champion 6 Elite Taekwondo National Champion

Joel P Matter postertournament

14th/15th April 2018 will see the WIMAAO NI JuJitsu National championships, both Junior and adult divisions will compete in all categories and divisions to call a new ranking process for National recognition.

17th March 2018 WIMAAO administration will hold RingSport Referee and Judging qualifications inclusive of written examination testing and Ring and Mat training by overseeing ongoing open sparring tournaments held in a supporting club on the 18th March 2018.


With a successful training course both newly qualified Referees and Judges oversaw and officiated at the multi-style sparring tournament.

claudemabiala (2)

29th March 2018 Claude Pascal Mabiala takes the position of WIMAAO Gävle, Sweden Director, holding control over operations in Gävle.


Martial Arts Biography

started Martial Arts in 1990 with Karate then Qwankido and in 1994 i Started Taekwondo an i have a Black belt in Qwankidao, 5 degree Black belt in Taekwondo,3 degree in Choikwangdo and certified 5 degree in WTKA Sweden (World Traditional Karate & Kickboxing Association) ,Iam President of ITFA central Africa (International Taekwondo Federation Africa ).

A massively successful championship saw Irelands greatest JuJitsu practitioners compete to a packed supporting crowd.  The open championship brought the first ranking tournament in 2018 and has now assigned sponsorship from several large companies.

November 2018 WIMAAO South Africa President Henri Eksteen will promote the next in the series of Cage Rage events, this highly recognised tournament brings together the talent of naitonal MMA competitors to claim the title of WIMAAO SA Champion of Cage Rage 14.

6th May 2018 Antonio De sousa takes the position of WIMAAO Warwick, USA Director, holding control over operations in Warwick.


Grandmaster Antonio De Sousa has been in martial arts since 1960 and holds 9th dan in tkd/okinawan/hapkido/kung-fu and holds 10th in krav maga he has incorporated all these styles into one great style that he calls Okitaekundo Martial Arts and he prides himself in teaching Impact Self Defense to young and old, with rigorous workouts of the body combined with a philosophy of strength and peacefulness of the mind and spirit. Martial Arts is a “Way of Life” for grandmaster Antonio. he has dedicated his life to Martial Arts from 1960 till now and has thought thousands of students and hudreds of Black Belts. Okitaekundo training focuses on the traditional aspects of martial arts such as respect, honor, discipline, peace, and also bringing the mind, body, and spirit into harmony. Okitaekundo style of mixed arts is not so much focused on competition and sport fighting like we see in modern day. but is more focused in keeping the integrity of the original martial arts and preserving the values and lessons of traditional Martial Arts and Self Defense. and promotes the values of Honor, Integrity, respect, loyalty, discipline, and harmonious living.

Antonio De Sousa

6th May 2018 Hassan Yaakoubd takes the position of WIMAAO Alba Adriatica Director for Italy, holding control over operations in Alba Adriatica.


Grand Master Kick Boxing (6 dan )

Grand Master muay thai ( 15 khan )

Kru Yai  Muay  Boran (13 khan "thailand)

Instrutor Thai Sword fighting (4 khan)

International Muay Thai Coach (WMF thailand)

Combat Trainer (UIPASC)

I have won many national and international titles, the last of them is Master of the year 2013-2014-2015 from Hall of Fame munich (GERMANY)

master of year2017  from Hall of Fame Barcelona(SPAGN)

Grand master of year 2015 from Hall of Fame Innsbruck (AUSTRIA)  

I'm The first one from Italy(and also Morocco) to participate in the World Dap Thai (double Sword and single) in Bangkok in Thailondia in 2017 for first time and classified in 4 position from 30 wrestlers around the world, Branze Medal and the3 position in the world of weapons in Spain (Word cup weapons 2017 in Barcelona),One of the 300 best masters in the world Selected by the Spain in 2015,2 POSITION IN WORLD WEAPONS CUP 2018,

Hassan Yaakoubd kickboxingevent

23rd June 2018 United Champons taking place in Cambridge, an open tournament including categories of Kickboxing light contact, Full Contact Kickboxing, K1 and MMA.  The tournament will include Junior and Senior divisions for both male and female competitors.  All forms will have elimination stages leading on to quarter, semi and finals.  All bouts will be controlled under WIMAAO official rules & regulations and covered under both ambulance & medical staffing with a qualified and recognised MD at the promotion.

Idar Nordseth

24th July 2018 Idar Nordseth takes the position of WIMAAO Skotselv Director for Norway.  


I began With Shotokan karate in 1983. Got my black belt and rank of Shodan in 1990. Started Deset martial art centre the same year. In the following years I tried out different styles and other martial arts. In 2008 I started With Krav Maga and in 2010 I started With BJJ and CNS karate. In 2016 I went back to the roots of karate and converted to Okinawan karate. In 2017 I started With Modum BJJ & martial art centre and there we offer karate, KM and BJJ.


My achievements are:

1 Dan / Shodan in Shotakan karate

1 Dan / Shodan in Matsusokan Okinawa karate

Expert Level I in Krav Maga IDS

Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do

Green belt in CNS karate

Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

25th August 2018 Alexander Karauria Takes the position of WIMAAO Gisborne Director for New Zealand, holding control over operations in Gisborne.


My full name is Alexander Donald Wahopeka Karauria. I was born in Gisborne November 15 1976. I started Taekwondo at the age of 4 with the father Master Edward Karauria under Grandmaster Jung Nam Lee. I've studied numerous martial arts including Hapkido, Haidong Gumdo, Tein Shin Pai, Kyokushin Karate and BJJ. I hold black belts in taekwondo, hapkido, Haidong Gumdo and Topana Taurite


I've won several New Zealand black belt championships in Taekwondo and multi style events in 4 different weight classes and represented my country at the world taekwondo federation championships in Germany 2003 where I was placed 35th. I've opened 9 taekwondo clubs and have been a national Maori taekwondo selector and coach.


I founded Tu Mana Toa Combat Systems New Zealand Inc, which is a registered non profit organisation and I'm the founder of Toi Whawhai O Topana Taurite which translates as 'Thw Fighting Art of Balanced Force's which is an infusion of different martial arts systems delivered using Maori protocol and language.


I've also the Cheif Examiner, Instructor and Referee.

Alexander Karauria