World International Martial Arts Association & Organization

15-16th February 2019 WIMAAO "All Ireland" National Dan grades.  All belts will be examined under an offically qualified grading panel.  The National dan grades will include multi style and level of gradings for juniors in Kickboxing, Karate and JuJitsu and Dan grades in all disciplines.  The adult section will include multi level belts and dan grades in Kickboxing and Karate.

wimaaodangrade Huascar Anda

20th January 2019 Huáscar Anda Cazuriaga takes the position of WIMAAO Director for La Paz city, Bolivia .

Martial Arts Practitioner since 1978, this year is his 41 uninterrupted years of training of Martial Arts. He holds Black Belt in Kung Fu 5th Tuan. and Aikido 1° Dan. He studied with various recognized Masters and experts in different áreas of the Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Personal Security.  

Actually he continues learning from Grand Master David Grago and G.M. Steve Millliet in the Ch´uang Chuan Pai Wing Chun Kuen style, also the Shaolin Tzu Kung Fu style with the Master  Shi Heng Yi – Walter Suazo discíiple of the Shaolin Monk Shi Guo Ling.  He obtained the “Professor Emeritus” Title from the Eurotechnical University and the “College of Martial Studies” in Dallas, Texas in the year 2002. He obtained also his National Certificate of Competencies as an Self Defense Instructor given by the Education Ministry of Bolivia in the year 2015.

He specialized in Self Defense and Personal Security for Security and Law Enforcement Groups and Institutions.

He teaches the Kung Fu styles of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Ch´uang Chuan Pai Wing Chun Kuen of the Yuen Family Style, Shaolin Kung Fu of the Shaolin Temple and the Neijiaquan (Taijiquan, Baguazhang y Xingyiquan). He directs the “San Gar Kwoon School of Chinese Martial Arts”.





23rd March 2019 will see Gabriel Mazur hold an officially sanctioned WIMAAO European champoinship bouts including European Heavy Weight Full Contact, Light Weight World Title K1, Middle Weight Continental Title 4 reginonal titles and a high ranking under card.

22nd June 2019 Nimes France will host Pro Am, Pro and Amateur MMA promotion including 3 naitonal Welter Weight, Middle weight and Titan Weight Title bouts.


13th July 2019 will feature Clash Colosseum including Professional, Pro-Am and Amateur udercard and title bouts including K1 WIMAAO World Middle Weight World Title, Light Weight WIMAAO MMA World Title & Welter Weight Low Kick European Female WIMAAO Title bout.

Malta event Northern Ireland Kickboxing Championship

18th August James Farland will will promote the Northern Ireland Kickboxing Championships.  This will be a strict amateur ring sport event and National ranking tournament.


16th November 2019 Italy National Championships will be held in Turin, the tournament will include Low Kick, K1, Shootboxe, Full Contact, Light Contact Kickboxing.  The event will include WIMAAO National and Regional K1 Title bouts in both full and light contact.


5th July 2019 Constantin Blănaru takes the position of WIMAAO Director for Constanta Dobrogea, Romania.  


Constantin Blănaru, alias, Sarmy Lee is a military and civilian self-defense instructor.  Completing military courses: COIST Analysis, C-IED (contra ID), special sniper module,  2015: currently working in army instructor soldiers and graduates.  Holding other courses in Security Agent, Bodyguard, License Legal, Private Detective (4 months 2008)

2019: brings to Mangalia the scene and the National Guardian Bodyguard Championship, Creation of Sarmy Combat System Association Sports Club. 2018: Participates in the Filipino martial arts internship, promotes in Mangalia and Constanta self-defense and chinese martial arts.  Attends MKempo Military close combat training, 2017: Participates in KAPAP Intensive course, receives graduate instructor black belt Kali-Escrima & Jeet Kune Do under Adolf Greff (Germany) 2016: Promotes the 1st self defense stage with effective techniques in Mangalia.  2015: Attended intensive BJJ under Migovan Cristian, 2013 Grades to Black Belt in the Shindo Sports Club, 2012 ADCCD BJJ Bucharest takes 3rd place in National tournament.  2009: Attains Black Belt in grappling Ovidiu Serghiuta (Shindao Mangalia)


Blănaru Constantin Scotland

9th November 2019 Scotland promotion Fight Night will see both Pro and Amateur bouts including Natonal, Continental and World WIMAAO Title bouts.